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In Sweden, the requirement for a traditional written signature for a valid contract is not absolute. Swedish law recognizes contracts formed through various means, including verbal, electronic, or written agreements. This flexible approach reflects the evolving nature of business transactions in the digital age. However, to establish the validity of a contract, especially in legal disputes, parties may need to present supportive evidence in court. In such scenarios, Wilma’s digital transaction management solutions offer electronic records that are recognized under Chapter 35, Section 1 of the Swedish Code of Judicial Procedure. These records bolster the case for the contract’s existence, authenticity, and acceptance.


Sweden embarked on its digital signature journey in 2000, coinciding with the EU's introduction of the Qualified Electronic Signatures Act. Subsequently, the eIDAS Regulation in 2016 further harmonized electronic signature laws across EU member states, including Sweden. This has resulted in electronic signatures being legally valid in various business contexts in Sweden, although specific types of transactions may require different levels of electronic signatures, each with its unique legal implications.


The introduction of the eIDAS Regulation (EU No 910/2014) on July 1, 2016, significantly impacted the legal landscape for electronic identification and trust services across the European Union, including Sweden. The eIDAS Regulation replaced the earlier e-Signatures Directive (1999/93/EC) and established a unified legal framework for electronic transactions and signatures within the EU.


Welcome to Wilma's in-depth guide on electronic signature legality in Sweden. This comprehensive overview is designed to help businesses understand the intricacies of e-signature laws in Sweden, essential for navigating the digital contracting landscape effectively.

Wilma E-Signature Legality: Sweden

Under the eIDAS Regulation, electronic signatures in Sweden are categorized into three distinct types:


Simple Electronic Signatures (SES)

SES is the most basic form of electronic signature and is widely used for general purposes. It includes actions as simple as typing one's name at the bottom of an email. While SES does not meet the stricter criteria set for Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) or Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), it remains a valid form of electronic signature for many everyday business transactions in Sweden.


Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES)

AES represents a more secure level of e-signature. It adheres to four key requirements:

  • Unique Link to Signatory
    Ensuring that the signature is distinctly connected to the person signing.

  • Signatory Identification
    The signature must be capable of identifying the signatory.

  • Signature Creation Control
    It is created using data that the signatory can confidently control and use.

  • Data Integrity
    Any alteration in the signed data post-signing is detectable. Wilma's eSignature platform supports AES by providing robust security measures that align with these requirements, enhancing the authenticity and integrity of digital documents.


Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)

QES is the highest standard of electronic signatures, characterized by enhanced security features. It is created using a qualified electronic signature creation device, based on a qualified certificate for electronic signatures. In Sweden, as in other EU countries, the technical requirements for QES are set in accordance with ETSI standards. A QES has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature, as recognized by Articles 25(2) and (3) of the eIDAS Regulation. It also ensures cross-EU member state recognition.


Article 25(1) of the eIDAS Regulation states that an electronic signature cannot be denied legal validity or admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely because it is in electronic form or does not meet QES requirements. This provision underscores the legal acceptability of all forms of electronic signatures in Sweden, including those facilitated by Wilma’s eSignature solutions.


Wilma is committed to staying informed about evolving regulations to ensure that its e-signature solutions not only comply with current legal standards but also provide a seamless and secure experience for businesses navigating the digital landscape in Sweden and across the European Union.


Wilma’s eSignature platform supports a wide range of documents that typically require only a Standard Electronic Signature (SES) in Sweden. These include:​

  • Commercial Agreements
    NDAs, purchase orders, order acknowledgements, invoices, and other procurement documents, as well as sales and service agreements between corporate entities.

  • Consumer Agreements
    Including credit card accounts, retail account openings, sales and service terms, software licenses, order confirmations, invoices, and shipment documentation.

  • Lease Agreements
    Both residential and commercial lease agreements are typically suited for SES.

  • HR Documents
    Regular employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, employee invention agreements, privacy notices, benefits paperwork, and other employee onboarding materials (excluding termination notices).

  • Intellectual Property Licenses and Transfers
    SES is generally appropriate for licenses and transfers of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other intangible property.

Certain types of transactions and documents in Sweden may necessitate either an Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) or a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES):


  • Annual Reports and Corporate Documents
    Prepared in electronic form as per Swedish company and banking regulations. - Procurement Documents: Electronic offers in the sectors of defense, security, water, energy, transportation, and postal services, as specified by relevant Swedish procurement laws.

  • Audit-Related Documents
    As per the Swedish Auditing Act, certain documents require AES or QES for added authenticity and compliance.

  • Financial and Credit Agreements
    Including those requiring seller application to the Debt Enforcement Authority for repossession of goods.

  • Real Estate and Ownership Transfer Contracts
    For purchasing or transferring real property, leasehold rights, and owner-occupied apartments, a QES is typically required.

  • Legal Documents in Civil and Family Law
    Such as summons applications in civil cases, marriage contracts, and cohabitation agreements.


Wilma advises that there are specific situations in Swedish law where electronic signatures, including AES and QES, may not be appropriate or accepted. These typically include:


Notarized Documents

Where formal procedures require a handwritten signature.


Specific Corporate and Legal Documents

Including share certificates, certain family law contracts, and employee termination letters, which may necessitate a traditional signature approach.


This guide provides a general overview of electronic signatures' legality in Sweden However, it is not intended to serve as legal advice. Laws governing electronic signatures and digital transactions are subject to change. Wilma cannot guarantee that all the information on this site is current or correct. For specific legal advice, consult with a licensed attorney in your area.


Wilma emphasizes the importance of adhering to e-signature regulations in Sweden. While the Swedish legal framework does not explicitly state penalties for non-compliance with e-signature laws, failure to adhere to these regulations can have significant consequences:

Validity and Enforcement in Court

Non-compliant e-signatures may lead to documents being considered invalid or unenforceable in legal proceedings.


Business Operations Impact

Documents not accepted as compliant by government bodies, such as the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket), could delay company operations, including important applications and official deeds.


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