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Elevate your team's workflow with Wilma’s collaboration suite, designed for clarity, control, and real-time connectivity.

Master Collaboration with Wilma


Unleash Team Potential with Wilma

Embark on a journey of streamlined collaboration and enhanced productivity. Experience the power of teamwork with Wilma.
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Experience the revolution in document approval with Wilma. As you navigate through the intricate maze of approvals, Wilma's streamlined workflows guide you every step of the way. From initial drafts to finalized documents, ensure that every change is meticulously reviewed and sanctioned.

  • Guided Workflow - Seamless navigation through approvals.

  • Harmonized Review - Unified team reviews for precision.

  • Swift Sanctioning - Fast-track your approval processes.


With Wilma, you are in command. Control who has access to your documents and to what extent. Whether you're segmenting internal teams or collaborating with external partners, Wilma ensures your content remains secure while being accessible to the right individuals. Pre-defined approvers add another layer of precision, ensuring that each document gets the right eyes before finalization.

  • Tailored Permissions - Precisely assign roles and access.

  • Secure and Selective Sharing - Control who sees what.


Bright Gradient

Engage in a shared space, with every change, comment, and edit visible instantaneously. Extend this collaborative spirit beyond your core team, sharing and receiving feedback from external partners with controlled access. And never miss a beat with live updates on all document activities.

  • Simultaneous Editing - Work together, in real-time.

  • External Collaboration - Share with controlled access.

  • Interactive Feedback - Dynamic, centralized discussions.

  • Stay in the Know - Real-time notifications.


With Wilma, your document's journey is chronicled meticulously. Delve into a comprehensive version history, understanding every change and contributor. Whether you're tracking alterations or need to revert to a previous state, Wilma has you covered.

  • Explore Past Versions - See the document's evolution.

  • Track Changes - Understand every alteration.

  • Revert When Needed - Roll back with confidence.


Ready to take your business to the next level?

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