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Step into the future of document management. Seamlessly store, comply, and track - all while ensuring top-tier security and unparalleled efficiency.

Master Document Management with Wilma’s Manage Suite


Elevate Your Management Game with Wilma

Harness the power of smart management. Experience document control like never before.
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Step into a realm of secure storage where every contract and legal document finds its safe haven. Whether it's an auto-generated document or an uploaded external file, our cloud storage ensures it's shielded with the best.

  • Unified Storage - All documents, one secure place.

  • Accessible Anywhere - Reach your files from any device, anytime.

  • Certified Security - ISO 27001 (2023) certified for your peace of mind.


Breeze through compliance with Wilma's automated features. Let our AI handle redaction of non-essential personal data and set the stage for systematic removal of outdated contracts. With integrated GDPR considerations, Wilma is your silent compliance guardian.

  • AI-Powered Redaction - Seamless removal of excess data.

  • Data Retention - Automatic discarding of obsolete contracts.

  • GDPR Ready - Stress-free compliance.


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Wave goodbye to missed opportunities and deadlines. With Wilma's proactive reminders and task assignments, you're always one step ahead. From renewals to terminations, let the Deadline Detective keep you informed and in charge.

  • Timely Alerts - Always be in the know.

  • Task Assignments - Delegate with precision.

  • Contract Lifecycle Tracking - Stay ahead of every curve.



Insight by Wilma: Powerful Data Analytics for Business Growth

Wilma is engineered to not just handle data but to reveal its story. With a user-friendly dashboard, instant analytics, and real-time monitoring, Insight turns complex data into clear, actionable intelligence.

Experience a seamless interface where complex data is visualized through intuitive graphs, charts, and reports, making analysis accessible to everyone in your organization.​


Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with real-time data monitoring. Track key metrics as they evolve, and respond swiftly to market changes.


Get immediate insights from your data with our powerful analytics engine. No more waiting for reports – see the impact of your decisions as they happen.


Ready to take your business to the next level?

Begin your journey towards intelligent business solutions. Contact us now for a personalized demo, and let Wilma transform your operation.

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