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Experience the future of legal assistance with Wilma's state-of-the-art AI tools. From contract reviews to redactions, and legal information – Wilma’s capabilities are expansive, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at every step.

Wilma: Your AI-Powered Legal Assistant

AI Legal Assistant

Legal Expertise, AI Efficiency

Dive deep into legal intricacies with Wilma's AI expertise. Discover unparalleled precision and speed.
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Review your legal documents with Wilma. It's like having your own lawyer, but without the long wait times. With Wilma, every legal document undergoes a thorough analysis, spotting potential issues, and offering actionable modifications. It's akin to having an attorney, but turbocharged.

  • In-depth Analysis - Understand crucial contract details.

  • Spot Differences - Compare documents efficiently.

  • Error Detection - Catch discrepancies, missing info, and more.

  • Summary Reports - Highlighted findings for easy review.


Got legal questions? Wilma has answers. Acting as your always-available legal consultant, Wilma deciphers legal complexities, providing precise guidance without the hefty fees.

  • Multilingual Support - Communicate in any language.

  • Instant Responses - Get swift answers to legal queries.

  • Desk-side Assistance - Legal help without leaving your workspace.


Secure sensitive information with unmatched precision. Wilma scans and redacts personal data across various formats, safeguarding confidentiality and ensuring compliance.

  • Swift Redaction - Mask sensitive details instantly.

  • AI-Driven Accuracy - Ensure confidentiality with efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Coverage - Across diverse document formats


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Wilma isn't just an AI; it's a testament to our commitment to excellence, precision, and innovation. By building our own models and training them with unique data, we've ensured that Wilma isn't just another tool, but a revolutionary assistant reshaping the landscape of legal processes. 

Here's the journey of how we meticulously crafted Wilma for you --->

Unique Data Foundation

We began with a unique dataset, comprising diverse legal documents and case studies, ensuring Wilma had a solid foundation to understand legal nuances.

Intensive Training

Wilma underwent rigorous training, processing thousands of legal scenarios. This immersion honed its ability to pinpoint legal intricacies accurately.

Custom Models

Instead of generic models, we built our own, tailored to grasp legal contexts. This collaboration between data scientists and legal experts made Wilma inherently adept at legal tasks.

Continuous Feedback

Real-world user interactions continuously refined Wilma. Each query and feedback made it sharper, more intuitive.

Expert Oversight

Our team of seasoned attorneys ensured Wilma's outputs met the highest legal standards, combining AI efficiency with human expertise.


Wilma isn't static. With every update in the legal world, it adapts, ensuring it remains the gold standard in AI-powered legal assistance.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Begin your journey towards intelligent business solutions. Contact us now for a personalized demo, and let Wilma transform your operation.

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